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3 Days Lake Bunyonyi Safari

The 3 days safari takes you to Lake Bunyonyi, found in Southwestern Uganda near Rwanda border, between Kabale and Kisoro districts. The word Bunyonyi means small birds, hence the lake derives its name from that term, in simple terms it is regarded as the Place of many little birds. It is 25km long, 7km wide and is said to be Africa’s second deepest lake. The lake stands out for its moderate temperature, fresh waters which are safe for swimming and bilharzia free, then its ever-changing climate and breathtaking scenery. Bunyonyi is surrounded by beautifully terraced hills and has 29 islands, one of the islands is called Akampene also known as punishment island and the story behind this name is; many years ago, if a girl got pregnant before she was married, she would be tied up and taken to the island as a sign of punishing her, most of them died there because of hunger or drowned as they tried to swim, but if the man who impregnated her would pay the bride price in form of cows, he would go and get the girl. This act was to intimidate the young girls not to do like the others. This practice was done by the natives of the land but was later abandoned at the start of the 20th century. Other islands include; Njuyeera, Bushara, and Bwama. This lake is a hideaway for many people especially those seeking to simply relax, mediate, adventure or team building. Many tourists including honeymooners are attracted to it because of its amazing panoramic views, weather and breeze. We have indicated for you below a detailed itinerary for the 3 days and some of the activities to do while there.

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